A technique that favours flavour

A celebrated alloy from a prestigious lineage

PHYTHERM, which values a particular quality, the Curie point, is the product of a long line of nickel based alloys, whose parent is no other than scientist Charles-Edouard Guillaume, Swiss physician who was awarded the 1920 Nobel Prize for the discovery of INVAR, jointly with teams of researchers from the metallurgical site of IMPHY in the South Burgundy area of France.


Auto-regulation : it sounds complicated, but for cooking, this is the most easy !

When approaching a particular temperature known as the Curie point (Tc), the magnetic base will no longer heat (with almost zero permeability).  The PHYTHERM alloy, with an optimally selected Curie point, allows temperature to be controlled.

Thanks to this, it is now possible to produce cooking utensils or induction cooking containers that will not exceed a specific temperature.

In practice

Cooking utensil manufacturers use PHYTHERM by assembling this nickel alloy plate on the bottom of a saucepan or frying pan in order to stabilise heat and offer a unique cooking performance.