5 good reasons to integrate PHYTHERM


To protect non-stick coatings and satisfy your clients in the long term

By avoiding heat shocks, coatings remain healthy. The consequence is that your after sales service is no longer demanded for retreating or replacement requests. Say goodbye to all these extra costs!


For all induction cooking surfaces

PHYTHERM adapts to all methods of cooking such as steam, frying, braising, sauteing etc and can be used with all recent induction surfaces, whatever the brand. It is a universal solution that does not require your client to purchase a specific and generally costly cooking surface.


For a passive self-regulatory solution , durable with  no maintenance

Without electricity or sensors, PHYTHERM does not require any particular care or maintenance.  It could not be more simple: it self-regulates cooking all by itself, without programming, for a long time, a very long time.  More of a life!


 A new position in medium and high end markets

Thanks to its self-regulating properties, it’s ability to stop any degardation of the non stick coating and assocciated health


To add value, without changing your production chain

PHYTHERM does not require any change in your manufacturing process.  You simply replace the usual added base with the appropriate PHYTHERM.  It adapts perfectly.